Tiffany is a graphic designer and illustrator who grew up in Pasadena/Los Angeles. She graduated in 2019 from ArtCenter College of Design’s Illustration undergraduate program. She currently resides in Indiana with her partner.

Artist Statement

I work digitally because of its versatility and ability to achieve a graphic finish. At first glance my work consists mainly of self portraits, this is because I like to process my reactions and feelings of my surroundings by addressing myself in second and third person. While emotions are often the main subject of my work, I tend to keep expressions neutral and put emphasis on body languages, color palettes, or objects in order to contrast the morbid or intense feelings against the calmness of an indifferent face, creating a tranquil uncanniness that is often present within my work. Objects are often the second most important subject in my work. I think objects have the ability to contribute to certain moods by their placement in the composition and the connotations they carry.

Using Format